mph courier service

mph l nyc messenger service l deadline-driven deliveries.

in their words

  • I’ve been using MPH for the last three years. Prior to that I was using another messenger service but actually never really thought about the kind of service or pricing I was getting. When a new vendor started sending packages to my company with MPH, I noticed the people coming to my office 5 or 6 times a day were friendly, personable, and professional. At that point I started to reflect on the service that I was paying for. I opened an account with MPH and haven’t looked back since. They get it!"

  • They actually do go the extra mile! I work for a fashion company, and I am a window designer for all of our Northeast stores. I had a few boxes delivered to our Connecticut store from our corporate headquarters in New York. After the courier, Mark, dropped of the parcels, he saw us trying to move a 600+ pound antique chest into our storefront window. He knew we were struggling, and without a thought he jumped in, took charge, and made what seemed impossible pretty simple. That’s one of the many reasons I trust MPH and feel like they really are part of our team."

  • My company had been using another messenger service when I needed to get something to Philadelphia for an artist performing that night. I was in Paris on vacation, and my manager informed me that our messenger service said it was impossible to make the delivery when we needed it. At the recommendation of a friend, I called MPH. Before you know it a messenger was at our door picking up our package and rushing it to Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. They delivered it on time. The next day I called them from my vacation to personally thank them. From that day on I’ve used MPH exclusively."

  • MPH has always treated me and my orders with extreme importance. They make me feel like what matters to me matters to them, which is why they are the first people I think of whenever I need to have something delivered. Six months ago, I was in the process of moving from New Jersey to New York City. When I needed help moving a couple of pieces of furniture left behind, MPH messengers were not only available to deliver the furniture, but also to help me install a wardrobe closet I purchased. They are always on call to deliver whatever I need regardless of how big or how small. I recommend MPH to everyone I know. If you want personalized service, MPH is the way to go!"

  • We are a veterinarian service, and we are in constant need of supplies as rapidly as possible. The only messenger service I trust with my medical supplies is MPH. They are available around the clock to deliver whatever is needed. They understand that the faster we get our supplies, the faster we can treat and provide services for our furry patients. I opened an account with MPH two years ago and noticed that their rush service is unlike any other. They have a client for life!"